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Psychology Research Speaker: 'A systematic review of trolling: the story so far'

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START DATE 5 November 2015
START TIME 12:00pm

Room C126, College Building, Middlesex University, London, NW4 4BT

END DATE 5 November 2015
END TIME 01:00pm

Psychology PhD candidate Ellouise Long presents the initial findings of her systematic review of online 'trolling'

Trolling is a new and emerging phenomenon which has received much attention from the media and is increasingly being acknowledged within the academic world. However, currently, little is known about trolling; including what behaviours do or do not constitute trolling. 

Without a clear consensus on the definition of trolling it is difficult to assess what it is and what, if anything should be done to combat such behaviour. This is particularly important due to recent proposed changes in legislation against trolling in countries including the UK and Australia.

This paper presents the initial findings of a systematic review of trolling, which will discuss the usefulness of current definitions of trolling, and the assessment of the quality of the research in this area using the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP). 

By systematically reviewing the literature a clear path for future research is highlighted. In addition, one aspect of trolling which will be discussed in detail is the effect of misogynistic trolls online.

The second part of this paper will therefore discuss the rising issue of sexual aggression by trolls online drawing on examples from; posts surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in December 2012, the Emma Watson HeforShe speech and Anita Sarkeesian. 

Women being silenced online as a consequence of such abuse will be explored with a particular focus on what measures can be taken to protect oneself online. Different responses to trolling will be deliberated including 'do not feed the troll', banning, disemvowelling and moderation.

This event is free to attend. There is no need to book in advance, please just show up on the day.

Ellouise Long graduated from Middlesex in 2012 with a BA in Sociology with Psychology and then in 2014 completed the MSc Psychology (Conversion). Her MPhil/PhD is focusing on internet trolling with the overall aim of her doctoral research being to provide a relevant and adequate typology of trolling behaviour online.

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