Introduction to Coaching Psychology

Event information

START DATE 18 February 2016
START TIME 09:00am

Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 19 February 2016
END TIME 05:00pm

This introductory course is aimed at anybody with an initial interest in coaching psychology and offers the opportunity to not only find out more about what coaching is and the psychological theories and techniques that underpin coaching but also the chance to practice coaching skills with others.

Coaching is currently one of the most dynamic areas of Applied Psychology and Coaching Psychologists work in diverse contexts and settings using a wide variety of approaches with a diverse range of clients. 

The essence and purpose of coaching has been defined as,

A collaborative solution-focussed, results-oriented and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self directed learning and personal growth of the client (Anthony Grant).

The 2-day course will mainly focus on the application of three essential and complementary psychological approaches to coaching: Humanistic, Behavioural and Cognitive. In combination these 3 approaches form a powerful model for coaching.

  • The Humanistic approach underpins the coaching relationship, which is essential for successful coaching outcomes. A key skill is Active listening, which includes questioning and probing and can enhance interpersonal skills and effectiveness in both professional and personal life.
  • The Behavioural layer of our approach is concerned with goal theory and goal setting and is a key component in the facilitation of learning and achievement of one's own goals and goal attainment in others.
  • The Cognitive approach, based on the theories of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, is concerned with exploring the underlying thought processes and beliefs that may hinder goal attainment, desired behavioural change and wellbeing.

The course is facilitated by Dr George Sandamas who, in addition to teaching coaching psychology, is a British Psychological Society (BPS) registered Coaching Psychologists and a Middlesex University internal coach, and Dr David Westley, who has many years of experience practicing and teaching counselling and is Director of Programmes for Psychology with Counselling.

The course will next run on 18 and 19 February 2016 at a cost of £199 including certification.  If you are interested in attending please contact Dr George Sandamas by email, or phone, 020 8411 6658.

To register and pay for your place on this course, please visit our online store.

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