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Crack House USA

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START DATE 23 March 2016
START TIME 03:00pm

HG19, Hatchcroft Building, Middlesex University, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 23 March 2016
END TIME 07:00pm

Documentary screening and seminar on gangs and violent crime in Chicago

Crack House USAGangs have played a significant role in driving high levels of violence and criminality in Chicago for almost 50 years. Groups such as the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords and Black P Stone Rangers have become an embedded feature in most communities in Chicago’s South Side and West Side.

A 2012 Police Department Gang audit conducted in 2012 estimated the existence of 650 gang factions and roughly 70,000 gang members in the city. In 2015, gang violence contributed to a total of 468 homicides and 2,900 shootings in Chicago. January 2016 has seen 51 homicides and 292 shooting victims in the city.

The seminar offers an opportunity to gain an insight into the nature of gangs and violence in Chicago, as well as the key needs and issues associated with gang members and gang affected communities in the city. With gangs emerging as an issue in London and other English cities over recent years, the event provides us with an opportunity to compare experiences in London and Chicago and consider what lessons can be learned for agencies and academics in the UK.


15.45 Welcome and Introductions by Senior Lecturer in Criminology Dr Simon Harding and Paul Kassman, youth worker

16.00 Crack House USA screening

The documentary Crack House USA, follows the story of Titanic Stones gang members who were involved in drug dealing and a spate of shootings in Rockford Illinois.

The film engages with the families of the gang members, and offers a first-hand look at the impact of drugs, crime and incarceration in gang affected communities.

17.15 Break

17.30 Panel Presentations

Professor Lance Williams is Deputy Director of the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies at North Eastern Illinois University, where he has focused on the impact of gangs in Chicago.

Eugene and Yolanda McKee are the parents of Bradford Dodson, a gang member shown in the documentary. Bradford is currently serving a 35-year sentence in Federal prison as a result of his involvement in gangs.

Levon Stone is a gang intervention co-ordinator, working at the front line of Chicago’s gang conflicts, directly intervening with gang members to prevent conflict escalations and retaliatory shootings.

Chico Tillmon manages a gang intervention service in the South Side of Chicago where his team engages high-risk gang members to mediate conflict situations and provides access to additional support for addressing their broader needs.

18.30 Discussion and Q&A

19.00 Summary and closing remarks by Dr Harding and Paul Kassman


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