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21st Corporate Marketing and Communication Conference

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START DATE 7 April 2016
START TIME 08:30am

Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 8 April 2016
END TIME 09:30pm

21st International Conference on Corporate and Marketing
Communications (CMC2016)

Integrated Communications and Branding
Past, Present, Future


In the current ongoing scenario of market turbulence, businesses and non-profit organisations are facing new communication challenges from both a marketing and corporate perspective.  Societies now look askance at global businesses, consumers are sceptical of promises made, and citizens increasingly distrust institutions, governments and political processes. Consumer trust in business practice is at all time low. Rhetoric without substance is despised everywhere and (probably) only a marked sense of responsibility can lead to new scenarios of success. In response to such a turbulent environment, practitioners and academics need to devise new strategies, models, processes, systems and practices to move their brands forward via effective brand communication

The focal point of the 2016 conference lies in analysing past, present, and future scenarios in terms of corporate sustainability and responsible communication. Which communication campaigns or practices have proved adequate or inadequate? What, if any, changes are needed? What is the role of corporate and marketing communications in reinvigorating businesses, societies and economies? How can communication build trust and confidence in brands either of a corporate or marketing nature? The same questions apply to institutions, NGOs and other organisations who are inexorably tied up with the business of communication.

The 21st International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications is for academic researchers and educators as well as practitioners seeking to promote knowledge, stimulate dialogue and set trends, in the field of marketing and corporate communication, brands and branding.

Middlesex University is proud to host CMC 2016.

Extended Submission Deadline: January 10 2016

Early registration: February 10 2016

Deadline for registration: March 10 2016

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