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Newly qualified RMHNs' perceptions of their qualification training programme and suggestions

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START DATE 14 April 2016
START TIME 04:30pm

Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW44BT

END DATE 14 April 2016
END TIME 06:30pm

The Department of Mental Health, Social Work and Integrative Medicine presents the next in a series of evening seminars.

An exploratory telephone survey of newly qualified RMHNs' perceptions of their qualification training programme and suggested areas for curriculum improvement.

Currently in the UK there is an increase in population and also lifespan. There is, therefore an accompanying increase in demand for services from people with multiple, complex conditions. Given the pressures of league tables amongst other factors on nursing education providers such as Middlesex, this highlights the need to enhance the quality of nursing education. Alongside this, current economic pressures on the health service mean changing the way we deliver our service to patients, and how we are training our future nursing workforce (Health Education England, 2014). 

There are more issues in mental health nursing at the micro level. Watts and Gordon (2012) and Whitehead and Holmes (2011) refer to the need to enhance employability, and to further improve key nursing skills such as decision making, communication skills, care planning and mentorship. Furthermore, nurse training is undergoing ongoing professional review. Proposals for generic training are being considered, paralleling such developments in other parts of the world, eg. Australia (Usher and Crookes, 2010). 

We have a responsibility as an academic institution to produce a nursing workforce that is fit for purpose in relation to the above and the changing economic and demographic landscape (GOV.UK, 2014). 

This research will look at the aims and address this from two aspects: that of the education provider (What aspects of the curriculum work well and what needs to change?) and the newly-qualified RMHN (What works/does not work? How useful was the nursing education provided at Middlesex in terms of preparing the newly qualified nurse for practice?)

Register your attendance here, or contact Alfonso Pezzella with any queries.

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