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Professor Anne-Wil Harzing: Inaugural Lecture

Event information

START DATE 13 April 2016
START TIME 05:00pm

C211, College Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 13 April 2016
END TIME 08:00pm

Babel in business: the role of language in international business

Anne-Wil HarzingEffective communication is a pre-requisite for effective (human resource) management in any organisation. However, effective communication relies upon a shared language – a condition often not present in multinational corporations (MNCs). 

In her inaugural lecture, Professor of International Management Anne-Wil Harzing will discuss how and why language can form a barrier to effective communication, reviewing the problems for both first and second-language speakers, as well as their relationship. She will present several solutions that can be used to overcome the language barrier and will provide illustrations of how they are used in MNCs in different countries. Finally, Professor Harzing will discuss her future research agenda in this field.


Anne-Wil Harzing is Professor of International Management at Middlesex University. Her research interests include international HRM, HQ-subsidiary relationships, the role of language in international business, and the quality and impact of academic research. She has published nearly 100 refereed journal articles and books/book chapters and has been listed on Thomson Reuter's Essential Science Indicators top one per cent most cited academics in economics and business worldwide since 2007. Since 1999 she also maintains an extensive website ( with resources for international management and academic publishing, including the Journal Quality List and Publish or Perish, a software program that retrieves and analyses academic citations.


5.00pm - Reception on the Mezzanine

5.30pm - Lecture in C211

6.30pm - Buffet

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