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Art on the Streets: Creative Responses to the Urban Environment

Event information

START DATE 10 October 2016
START TIME 01:00pm

Institute of Contemporary Art, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

END DATE 10 October 2016
END TIME 05:30pm

A conference to explore the creative responses to our changing urban environment

This symposium (in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Art) explores the diversity of creative responses to our changing urban environment – from street art and graffiti to yarn bombing and urban photography.

The speakers will discuss creative connections to, material engagements with, and affective responses to, the urban environment, and the relevance of contemporary urban interventions to a critical understanding of the lived city.

The programme brings together leading contemporary researchers, curators, artists and photographers in the field of urban creativity.

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Institute for contemporary artSpeakers include:

Phil Healey

Phil, Head of Department for Visual Arts in the School of Art and Design at Middlesex, has won a number of prestigious awards and has worked for a range of design consultants.

Phil's research work is in the field of urban documentary photography. Recent exhibitions include Forgotten Memories of Things That Never Were, The Bigger Picture, Panoptic and Inscope in London and Seeds in Margate.

Dr Susan Hansen

Susan coordinates the Visual Methods Group at Middlesex University.

She has a background in social psychology, communication studies, and art history. Her research explores communities' material engagements with, and affective responses to urban environments; the analysis of graffiti as a form of visual dialogue; and the promise of an archaeological approach to understanding street art and graffiti through the longitudinal photo documentation (or repeat photography) of single sites.

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