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Roger Kline - NHS Workers: Discrimination, Bullying and Impact on Patient Care

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START DATE 11 October 2016
START TIME 04:00pm

Williams Building, W241, Middlesex University, the Burroughs, NW4 4BT

END DATE 11 October 2016
END TIME 05:30pm

This seminar will consider some of the current challenges the NHS faces in tackling cultures of bullying and discrimination

For more than a decade the NHS has failed to make any progress in tackling cultures of bullying and discrimination, especially race discrimination.

Yet we now have accumulating evidence of the disruptive impact of bullying and race discrimination on both organisational effectiveness and patient care and safety. Faced with failure of the dominant HR paradigm, some NHS employers are rethinking the why and how of workplace culture change.

Theories of engagement, collective leadership, the centrality of equality, and a learning culture are becoming influential.

This seminar will consider some of the current challenges the NHS faces in changing that culture, what some of the successful interventions look like, and whether they have any system wide sustainable traction.

Roger Kline is Research Fellow at Middlesex University Business School and Director of the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard implementation team, a challenging programme being watched closely by other public sector and private sector employers.

The event is free to attend, but registration is required.

This Interdisciplinary Labour Studies Seminar draws scholars from history, sociology, political economy, women's studies, industrial relations, and other fields in assessing the place of labour and working people in society.

It features cutting edge research done within the University, with scholars from the different Schools, and occasionally from outside the University.

Its format consists in a presentation of a research in progress and ample time for discussion. The seminar aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration around the topic of labour, social activism, and working people in UK and internationally.

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