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Expert Seminar: Embracing Complexity

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START DATE 1 December 2016
START TIME 11:00am

Town Hall Committee Room 1, Middlesex University, the Burroughs, NW4 4BT

END DATE 1 December 2016
END TIME 01:00pm

Dr Jean Boulton leads a seminar on Embracing Complexity: implications for social research and strategy development

Strategy and organisation consultant and part-time academic at Bath and Cranfield Universities, Dr Jean Boulton, teaches, consults, researches and writes about the implications of complexity thinking for management, research and policy development.

Jean will argue that the ontology of complexity theory is ‘evolutionary critical realism’ and hence that approaches to ‘knowing’ need to be path dependent, sensitive to detail and to the particularities of context – and, to a degree, are subjective and conditional.

Jean will explore what that means for research methodologies and for methods of strategy development and change.

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