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Life Cycle of Concepts: The Case of Pilgrimage Tourism

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START DATE 25 January 2017
START TIME 05:00pm

College Building Boardroom - Room C219 (Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, London, NW4 4BQ

END DATE 25 January 2017
END TIME 07:00pm

Dr. Noga Collins-Kreiner from the University of Haifa presents on the Case of Pilgrimage Tourism

The Tourism Policy Research Group (TPRG) invites you to this seminar to be delivered by Dr. Noga Collins-Kreiner, University of Haifa

A theoretical framework is proposed for systematizing our understanding of how concepts in tourism emerge and change over time through the example of a structured description of the evolving phenomenon of ‘Pilgrimage Tourism.’

Using the ‘product lifecycle’ (PLC) model, IDr Collins-Kreiner explains the changes that have taken place in pilgrimage research over the years and contends that, as part of an ongoing process of change, this phenomenon, as a concept, is gradually undergoing the stages of a PLC from birth, through development and stagnation, to decline or eventual rejuvenation.

At the same time, he explains it is developing new identities, such as secular pilgrimage or dark tourism.

This seminar is free and offers a unique opportunity to meet colleagues, share experiences and ideas, and network on various themes affecting tourism research and practice within and outside the UK.

To book a place, contact Gulizar Karaca, Programme Administrator for the Department of Marketing, Branding and Tourism.

Biography - Noga Collins-Kreiner

Noga Collins-Kreiner is a Senior lecturer (PhD), in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa, Israel,  the Head of the Haifa and Galilee Research Institute and the Vice-President of the Israeli Geographical Association (IGA).

Her main research interests are: Pilgrimage, Heritage and Tourism Development and Management. She is also a resource editor of the “Annals of Tourism Research” and published many papers on the topic of tourism including a book named: Christian Tourism to the Holy Land: Pilgrimage during Security Crisis (2006) Hampshire: Ashgate Publications.

She is also a consultant of the development plan for the area of the Sea of Galilee and involved in a few projects, such as: planning tourism in National Reserves; development of Christian and Jewish religious sites in Israel; and the Israel National Trail.

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