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CUSP/CEEDR Sustainable Global Prosperity & Business Models Seminar

Event information

START DATE 25 January 2017
START TIME 04:00pm

W152, Williams Building. Hendon Campus

END DATE 25 January 2017
END TIME 06:00pm

This seminar will discuss the role of values-led business model innovation in the construction of a new economic culture

Seminar with Tuukka Toivonen, Senior Lecturer in Social & Economic Innovation and Director of the MSc Global Prosperity programme UCL, Institute of Global Prosperity. Tuukka discuses: How can business models be used to renew our economy?

Emerging visions of prosperity in the 21st century (Jackson 2009, Moore 2015) embody certain core values and principles that range from ensuring that individuals and communities have the capabilities for flourishing to dramatically reducing material consumption to levels that respect planetary boundaries.

In this seminar, Dr Toivonen presents his reframing of the pursuit of sustainable global prosperity as the gradual construction of a fundamentally new economic culture that is not reducible to any single dimension or “miracle solution” such as clean technology.

He puts forward the case for positioning business models as a significant element within this new economic culture that must incorporate and promote the values and principles of sustainable global prosperity. In this talk, Dr Toivonen will illustrate how we can begin to transform the very notion of a business model through the inclusion of what might be referred to as “prosperity drivers”.

This seminar is hosted by the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development (CEEDR).

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