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On what principles should an EU directive on whistleblowing be based?

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START DATE 15 March 2017
START TIME 04:00pm

W241, Williams Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 15 March 2017
END TIME 06:00pm

Professor Dave Lewis leads this seminar to explore how a whistleblowing directive could be implemented by the EU

In the last twenty years many countries in the world, including the UK and Ireland, have adopted whistleblowing legislation. Some of the statutes that have emerged have been fairly crude instruments but some have been fairly sophisticated in their objectives.

Following consultation with experts, the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation on Whistleblowing Principles in 2014 which impacts on 48 countries. Unfortunately, several EU member states still lack statutory whistleblowing provisions and many that have such measures fail to adhere to international best practice.

With this in mind several MEP’s and NGO’s started a campaign last year to achieve a degree of uniform protection in the EU and a draft Directive has been circulated in order to put pressure on the Commission. In this seminar, I will offer some views as to what principles might be adopted in such an instrument and explain why I think they are important.

Chaired by Dr Daniel Ozarow, Department of Management and Organisations.

This event is free and open to both Middlesex University students and staff and outside guests

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