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Multiple crises? The many faces of migration and reception systems in the Mediterranean

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START DATE 4 May 2016
START TIME 09:30am

Middlesex University, The Boardroom, C219-20, The College Building, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

END DATE 4 May 2017
END TIME 05:00pm

An update on Middlesex University's ENVI-MED project - a project that provides essential analysis on the Mediterranean migration crisis

Between 2015 and 2016 more than one million people crossed the Mediterranean, many fleeing war and persecution.

The reception of refugees and migrants has been a major plank of EU policy. This event reports on the findings of the EVI-MED project, an 18 month study which seeks to map and evaluate reception systems in the Mediterranean.

Drawing upon survey data of 750 people in Greece, Italy, and Malta and interviews with migrants and a diverse range of national and international stakeholders, this event presents an independent systematic assessment of the ways in which the EU and its partners have sought to handle the reception of unprecedented numbers refugees and migrants and their responses.

About EVI-MED: 'EVI-MED – Constructing an evidence base of contemporary Mediterranean migrations' seeks to conduct urgent data collection and essential analysis on the Mediterranean migration crisis and to make these swiftly and publicly available to policymakers, practitioners, migrant community support organisations, and the research community.

EVI-MED is a Middlesex University project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and The Department for International Development (DFID).

The project team, led by Professor Brad Blitz - professor of international politics at Middlesex University, includes Professor Eleonore Kofman, Dr Alessio D’Angelo, Dr Nicola Montagna and Martin Baldwin-Edwards. It benefits from close collaboration with a number of well-established specialist organisations, including the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), Migrant Report, the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS).

This event is organised in partnership with Borderline Sicily, the Greek Council for Refugees, and People for Change Foundation Malta. EVI-MED academic partners include the University of Palermo and the University of Thessaloniki. Programme to follow.

For more information, please contact Christina Rose

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