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Launch of Art: Process: Change

Event information

START DATE 2 March 2018
START TIME 06:00pm

Four Corners,
121 Roman Road,
E2 0QN

END DATE 2 March 2018
END TIME 08:30pm

Join us for the launch of Art: Process: Change – Inside a Socially Situated Practice by Dr. Loraine Leeson, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

Dr Loraine Leeson brings a practitioner’s insight to bear on socially situated art practice through a first-hand glimpse into the development, organisation and delivery of art projects with social agendas. Issues examined include the artist’s role in building creative frameworks, the relationship of collaboration to participation, management of collective input, and wider repercussions of the ways that projects are instigated, negotiated and funded. The book contributes to ongoing debates on ethics/aesthetics or art initiatives where process, product and social relations are integral to the mix, and addresses issues of practical functionality in relation to social outcome.

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