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The ever-present violence in the media and terrorism as a new world narrative

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START DATE 16 March 2018
START TIME 10:00am

Room CG09

Middlesex University

The Burroughs




END DATE 16 March 2018
END TIME 12:00pm

We are delighted to host Dr Aleksandra Vukotić, University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philology) for an Erasmus+ teaching visit between March 12th and 16th, 2018. She will give two transdisciplinary interactive seminars, in the domain of media, cultural, literary and film studies, with the overarching title ‘Whoever controls your eyeballs runs the world : A "Paranoid" Reading of Media.’

This seminar explores one of the most pressing issues of today’s world – the problem of ever-present violence in the media and terrorism as a new world narrative. It focuses on the feedback loop between media and violence, escalating in terrorist attacks (which would be ‘nothing without the media’ as Baudrillard explained), again as reflected in contemporary fiction and film. It also discusses the misuse and abuse of the power of media, inviting the audience to think about the possible ways out of this ‘vicious circle.’ The novelists and filmmakers who closely follow and explore media strategies in their works (only to subvert them) will surely be a fertile source of ideas and inspiration.

Aleksandra Vukotić is a lecturer at the English Department of the University of Belgrade. She holds a PhD in American Literature, and is currently preparing a manuscript which follows the development of historical consciousness in the novels of Don DeLillo. Aleksandra is also a freelance translator and member of the editorial board of the BELLS Journal published by the University of Belgrade. Her interests include contemporary American literature, cultural studies, selected problems of literary theory, literary and visual studies.

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