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Transitioning: My Story - Jessica Lynn

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START DATE 8 March 2018
START TIME 05:15pm

Middlesex University.
The Burroughs,

END DATE 8 March 2018
END TIME 06:30pm

Join Jessica Lynn, international speaker and outspoken advocate for transgender issues

We are delighted to announce Jessica Lynn will be joining us to share her story on Thursday 8th March 2018, 17:15 - 18:30.

As the former president of Your True Gender, a non-profit based in California, and now a Global Ambassador to the Kinsey Institute, Lynn also helps coordinate workshops and conferences. Her position in life has left her uniquely qualified to testify to the hardships as well as the ultimate fulfilment of gender transition, both in legal standing and in her personal life.

Her mission in educating students on her story is to reunite with her youngest son - who after a botched Texas court ruling - was taken from her due to her transgender status. She is an advocate, educator, and parent who is actively engaged in pressing conversations surrounding the transgender experience.

Listeners can attest to the often-personal connections they have made with her, experiencing a full range of emotions. Her signature Q&A session is almost unheard of, in that no trans subject is ever off-limits. The takeaway is a meaningful, rich understanding of the issues at hand that no book or article can truly convey.


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