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Using Your Voice: The Impact of Slow Activism

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START DATE 19 June 2018
START TIME 09:30am

The Barn (Room 1 and 2),
Middlesex University,
The Burroughs,

END DATE 19 June 2018
END TIME 05:30pm

When we see injustice we become frustrated, but how can we utilise that feeling without being aggressive or becoming emotionally exhausted?

Regularly attending protests and maintaining the energy to keep fighting can be hard to sustain. Attending protests can also be difficult for those who are introverted, suffer from anxiety, are physically unable, have family commitments, have unconventional work hours, or do not live in large cities.

We want to raise awareness of Slow Activism and mobilise our attendees to be capable of creating change by learning from researchers and creating in crafting sessions.


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