The Influence of Music on the Perception of Food Taste and Pleasantness (Speaker: Vania Bajic)

Event information

START DATE 21 November 2019
START TIME 12:00pm

Hendon campus, BG09A

END DATE 21 November 2019
END TIME 01:00pm

Vania Bajic (University of Kent) will present her research on the influence of music on our perceptions of food taste.

Headshot of Vania BajicWestern diets are rich in calorie dense foods high in sugar, salt and fat. This, combined with a lack of exercise, has contributed to the dramatic rise in overweight and obesity in recent years. The fact that food cravings are often associated with food palatability adds to the difficulties posed by low calorie diets and special food regimes recommended for overweight and obese individuals. Finding novel and creative ways to improve food taste and palatability could provide valuable support to the current effort to reduce the prevalence of overeating and overweight conditions.

This experiment investigates whether music could be used to modify the perception of food taste and in that way exert influence over eating behaviours and outcomes. More specifically, it examines whether listening to sweet-taste-congruent and bitter-taste-congruent soundtracks while eating can modify the perception of food-taste and food-pleasantness. The findings demonstrate the effects of taste-congruent soundtracks on the perception of food taste as well as food pleasantness. The prospect of using sound to influence food acceptance and palatability looks encouraging and merits further investigation.

You can visit our Psychology Blog for information about Vania’s talk.

This is part of the Psychology Department’s 2019-20 Research Seminar Series

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