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How our research is helping musicians adapt to a future with live-streaming

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Live-streaming concerts are the future, and Middlesex researchers have discovered some interesting findings that both artists and fans can benefit from. Their study, along with a handy toolkit, will help musicians make money from these new income streams.

The research looks at how music live-streaming has evolved over the years and what the future holds. They found that artists love the idea of reaching new audiences through live-streaming, and most fans don't mind paying for online concerts. Plus, live-streaming can be a lifeline for fans with social anxiety or health issues, as they can enjoy live music from the comfort of their own homes.

Julia Haferkorn, the Principal Investigator and former lecturer in Music Business and Arts Management BA at Middlesex, explained how live-streaming gives people the opportunity to enjoy concerts by artists from all over the world.

She said, "We received tons of comments from people who couldn't attend physical venues, even before the pandemic. They really appreciated being able to watch live-streamed shows and discover new artists."

And the best part? Haferkorn and her colleagues created a report full of tips and guidelines to help musicians make their virtual concerts a success. It covers everything from technical requirements to generating income, collaborations with venues, and engaging with online audiences. The report that includes a toolkit is totally free to download.

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