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My student recommendations: Aisha

Hi, I’m Aisha and I’m going to share the books I found helpful before beginning my studies here at Middlesex. Plus some recommendations for podcasts and documentaries, as well as some tips for new students.

  • Get a solid foundation

    Starting a Biosciences course at university can be quite daunting due to there being a jump from previous education to higher education. To make this process easier, it's definitely a good idea to revisit the basics before beginning the course. This enables you to create a solid foundation that can be built on once you have started studying.

    One book that I found particularly helpful before I started my course was Biochemistry for Dummies by John T. Moore. This was a great book that covered all the basics of biochemistry with straightforward explanations which helped me grasp the concepts more easily.

    I also found Biochemistry by T. A. Brown another great introductory read as it introduces key aspects of biochemistry that are taught on the BSc course. It’s a level up from Biochemistry for Dummies but not so complex that it was difficult to understand the ideas they proposed.

  • Use podcasts and documentaries

    Podcasts and documentaries are a great way to expand your knowledge. One podcast that I particularly enjoy listening to is from the journal Genetics in Medicine: Nature.

    This podcast discusses the latest research in medicine-related genetics and also focuses on current issues which is a great way to stay up to date with the latest research.

    My main top tip for new students is trying to not let work build up! This can easily happen when you initially start and it's much easier to complete work as you go along as it usually means that you don’t have to rush and you produce a better quality of work compared to when you have less time.

The final thing I would say to students is just to have fun! And enjoy your time at Middlesex!

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