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Build your network with MDX Business Connect

At the Middlesex Business School, we want to ensure you build connections and community for life, not just while you’re studying with us

That’s why we’ve created the MDX Business Connect programme which brings together alumni from our various business programmes to network with industry professionals, get involved in on campus mentoring and activities, and more!

The MDX Business Connect is platform that connects students to MDX alumni working in different fields. When you sign on, you’ll be able to search by industry, the course they studied at Middlesex, or even by type of support they can give you! We know it’s scary to reach out to alumni sometimes, so MDX Business Connect makes it easier by showing you exactly what that person can help you with off the bat.

In 2020, we’ve also launched the Professional Insights Series as a standalone project and brought together industry experts to talk to students and alumni on a variety of topics over Zoom panel discussions. With in-person networking being limited during the current pandemic, it’s been a great chance for students and grads to connect with industry professionals and grow their network virtually.

The Professional Insights series has had webinars on all the following:

  • What attributes recruiters look for other than hard skills
  • The Tourism industry during the 2020 pandemic
  • Panel discussions with Chief Marketing Officers across the industry
  • Changing career paths post-COVID-19
  • How to network professionally online
  • And more!

Throughout the summer of 2020, MDX Business Connect hosted 2 Professional Insight webinars every week, involved more than 100 industry professionals and covered dozens of different topics.

Check out the recording of one of these webinars here.

Beyond attending webinars and accessing the database online, you’ll also get the chance to participate in the newly launched mentoring programme. Get paired with an MDX alumnus who will help you through your education journey, brainstorm career ideas with you, and prepare you for life after graduation.

Excited to participate when you join us in September? Once you’ve enrolled with us, you can use your MDX email to join the MDX Business Connect community here.

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