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Academic Staff Member of the Year

Recognising achievement

In light of this year’s Middlesex University 2020 Student-Led Teaching Awards, we want to give a massive congratulations to Alechia Van Wyk for her outstanding ‘Academic Staff Member of the Year’ award.

Alechia is the Senior Lecturer in Clinical Physiology, Faculty Member of Science and Technology and a valuable member of our MDX community. She is appraised by her students for her humorous and supportive nature, and her ability to deliver relatable lectures.

In addition to being rewarded ‘Academic Staff Member of The Year’, Alechia was also nominated for ‘Postgraduate Research Supervisor of the Year’ because of her commitment to assisting and planning the process of MSc research. On top of that, postgraduate students share their gratitude to Alechia for being “compassionate about the success of [their] program at large”.

She never fails to be herself and speaks to us as adults and equals. […] She helps to make us feel supported and safe outside of lectures by being an emotional anchor and being understanding.

These awards are a key opportunity for Middlesex students to show their appreciation and recognition of academic and professional services staff members from across the university.

Our students have expressed their appreciation by nominating Alechia for an additional ‘Accessible Education Award’ and ‘Innovative Teaching Award’. Alechia makes education more accessible by tailoring information to student's individual needs and finds ways for everyone to fulfil their potential.

Furthermore, Alechia is recognised for her innovative teaching because she “finds fun ways to present the information”. Through her use of games and collaborative presentations, Alechia successfully promotes an interactive and engaging learning environment.

We want to thank all our students for participating in Middlesex University 2020 Student-Led Teaching Awards and congratulate Alechia Van Wyk once again for her exceptional achievements. We are lucky to have you!

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