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Studying Biological Science

Learning from the cutting edge

You’ll benefit from our modern research and analytical laboratory facilities in our cutting-edge Hatchcroft Building and have the chance to take a field trip to see wildlife on Lundy Island.

  • Learn advanced skills for your career

    You’ll develop a range of skills and techniques which are used at the forefront of the scientific research industry, working practically in small groups so you can maximise your hands-on experience.

    We’ll use this experience to expand your understanding of laboratory protocols, key concepts and recording and analysing data.

    When you start working in your chosen career – you'll do so with all the skills and self-confidence you need. You’ll be supported by your tutors as you work in groups and in one-to-ones that will focus on your personal development.

    As well as our state of the art campus facilities, you’ll be able to access virtual labs and LearnSmart for instant feedback.

  • Tailored learning to help you make the most of your studies

    We’ve planned your learning so it has most benefit for your development:

    • On campus, we’ll have smaller sized laboratories so that you can learn individually and enhance your own skills and understanding. We’ll supplement this with a wide range of virtual laboratories you can access from home

    • You’ll have remote access to our sophisticated software so you can use our software from home

    • We’re making sure that we continue to offer enhanced personal tutoring that encompasses a focus on your mental health, as well as on your success.

Teaching at the forefront of industry and research

Our excellent relationships with local NHS Trusts ensure you have access to placements in some of London’s most prestigious healthcare institution s. This gives you the opportunity to learn as you work; giving you insight into the industry, as well as the current techniques used, taught by skilled and experienced staff.

Our lecturers are experts in their fields – active researchers and practitioners who teach leading techniques from the front line of clinical practice, and we embed that research into our modules as much as possible.

This gives you the chance to be involved in research and keeps you completely up to date, so you go into work with the most current knowledge and skills.

We aim to ensure that everything we teach is cutting edge – we’ll challenge you to level up your skills every year so that you can not only reach your full potential, but you’ll also be confident in pushing yourself after you graduate.

Innovative teaching with state-of-the-art facilities

The laboratories in our £36 million Hatchcroft building are second-to-none. The building is the home of world-class science research and teaching at Middlesex.

You will benefit from all the latest equipment, while the specialist BabyLab allows psychology researchers to carry out cutting-edge developmental work. The Hatchcroft building also houses advanced computing laboratories, where you can undertake research into communication through the use of technology, such as podcasting, interactive mobile devices and social networking.

Our bioscience suite is equipped with an incredible range of equipment with which you can analyse environmental samples.

Facilities include fluorescence microscopes to examine biological samples. You will also have access to microbiological and molecular equipment, affording a broad range of analytical capabilities.

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Studying Biological Science courses

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