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Studying Creative Media

What to look forward to

Throughout your learning, you'll be taught by experienced professionals with a passion for creative uses for technology.

Our team have worked professionally on films including Avatar, Planet of the Apes and Happy Feet and for gaming companies such as Disney Universe, Dead Space and Buffy games.

Reach your full creative potential in our facilities

Learn to use professional-standard equipment in our digital media, VFX and motion capture studios.

You'll also have access to the latest computer hardware and software, all in our £80 million purpose-built Grove building on campus.

  • Hands on learning and collaboration

    Your timetable will be built around teaching time using our facilities on campus with online sessions for some activities where being virtual adds value.

    We’ve planned your learning so it has the most benefit for you. Practical workshops and hands-on learning will be all held on campus:

    • If you’re studying Digital Media and Communications BA, you will be introduced to creative software for digital image making, video editing and post-production, motion graphics, interactive UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design and web development in our Digital Media Workshops and will have a chance to use equipment from our KitHub. Seminars will also be face-to-face
    • If you’re on the Game and Level Design BA or Games Design and Development BSc course, you will be able to interact with your classmates in person when playing tabletop games, helping you with user observation, deconstruction and cohort building
  • Innovative teaching that's enhanced by technology

    We make sure you gain experience in the use of cutting edge, industry standard hardware and software. This approach extends to how we teach too and listening to students has helped us do this.

    For example, a good deal of our shared project work and teaching makes use of online collaborative tools such as Miro. This kind of software has been a great way of working together and of developing ideas.

    Another tool favoured by students is the messaging platform Discord. We’ve been using this across the courses, successfully maintaining a sense of community and we’re excited to continue this, meaning you will get the best learning experience possible.

    Although most teaching takes place on campus, some contextual and theoretical parts of your course may be taught online. Also, some technical lectures are recorded, meaning you can re-watch lectures when you need to (and save on travel costs too!). Additionally, when it’s appropriate, some tutorials will be held virtually.

    Tech also allows us to add innovative new ways of teaching into the mix. Building on previous successes you might be provided with podcasts, video lectures, shared VR sessions, interactive online training, and social network analysis tools, as well as full access to LinkedIn Learning.

    For some projects, you may partly want to work from home. Splashtop software and remote access to our professional workstation computers on campus give you access to all the software you need to produce exciting projects.

Support for your successful career in the creative industries

  • Enhance your employability skills with a range of work placements opportunities

  • Graduate with a portfolio of work, tailored to getting you into your chosen industry

  • Collaborate with students from across our Arts and Creative faculty to get a more realistic and diverse industry experience.

The team is looking forward to welcoming you to Middlesex!

With our placement programme, state-of-the art facilities and dedicated team, we’re excited to see you develop into a professional, ready to take on the creative industries.

Got questions about what it's like to study at MDX? Talk to one of our student ambassadors on Unibuddy!

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