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Studying Law

What to look forward to

As a student at Middlesex, you will be supported by and benefit from an incredible team of academics and practitioners who bring their legal research and innovation into every class. Ranked 2nd in the UK for Law by the Times Higher Education Young University Ranking 2022, we have an outstanding reputation for law and will give you the skills needed to forge a career by training you to think and act like a lawyer, while also offering you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and apply for a coveted spot at the Middlesex Legal Advice Centre.

Real world skills and experiences to prepare you for your career

Whether you undertake our traditional LLB Law degree, or choose one of the specialist pathways in the LLB with Criminology or LLB with International Relations, you will be taught through a mixture of modules that cover both legal theory and a practical ‘hands-on’ application of the law.

You will learn how to read and analyse important cases and then use this knowledge to construct your own legal arguments. Working on your own and in teams you will work through problem questions, appear in mock trials, and debate with your classmates some of the most relevant legal issues facing the world today.

You will also have the opportunity to join various extracurricular groups offered through the Student Union which will help you develop valuable skills. This includes a limited number of positions with the Middlesex Legal Advice Centre where you may have the opportunity to work with and support solicitors helping real clients in and around north London.

  • You will benefit from a modern and flexible approach to teaching

    Your lectures, seminars, and workshops will be on our vibrant green campus. Classes will be run in dedicated teaching facilities and your timetable will be built around in-person time with teachers and peers while also being supported with online learning opportunities to give you more control over your student journey.

    Seminars will help foster debate amongst you and your peers and will refine your analysis and application of the law, and workshops will give you the opportunity to gain the practical skills and knowledge needed in your career.

  • Innovative teaching based on student feedback

    Our approach to learning and teaching is based on both innovation and evidence-based development. This means that the modules you take and the assessments you write have evolved based on annual feedback from past Middlesex law students.

    In order to enhance your studying, you will be provided with a free e-textbook and a detailed handbook for each module you take. You will also be able to access recordings of lectures to supplement your studying and revision. This use of technology has allowed us to take students on virtual tours of institutions such as the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and allowed us to bring in practitioners and judges into the classroom virtually.

    Middlesex is also committed to providing you with authentic assessment. By moving away from traditional exams, we have developed assessments which mirror the real-world skills sought out by employers through the use of presentations, mock trials, legal analyses, and essay writing.

  • Your career, your success, our support

    Middlesex graduates go on to pursue a wide range of careers, whether as a solicitor or barrister or something outside of law, such as graduate schemes, the civil service, or even non-profits and non-government organisations. The study of law can help you explore many different pathways and we are here to support your journey.

    The School of Law works closely with the legal sector and related professions and our MDXworks employability service will help you find the career path that suits you best. You will attend events run by legal firms and barrister chambers and we will also help you develop your CV and cover letters, and even help prepare you for interviews.

    You can build your CV by taking on part-time paid work at Middlesex and take advantage of our professional networks to find off-campus placement opportunities or internships, volunteer or part-time work, and vacation scheme opportunities at law firms.

    We understand that many students experience challenges during their studies and we will support you throughout your degree, with dedicated teams working on learning enhancement, counselling and well-being, and student welfare.

  • We bring our expertise into your classrooms

    You will be joining a forward-thinking and dynamic law school at Middlesex. Recognised by the Times Higher Education Young University Ranking of 2022 as one of the best law schools in the country, your teachers are both practicing lawyers and active researchers who will bring their experience, knowledge, and expertise into the classroom. This is your opportunity to learn from academics shaping the way the world thinks about war, international policy, human rights, immigration, cyber-security, and corporate responsibility.

    The School of Law brings these topics to life across the various modules you will take during your studies. The modules we offer will allow you to tailor your degree and specialise in the topics that interest you the most, with modules such as: Human Rights Law, Commercial Law, European Union Law, Employment Law, Child and Family Law, Medical Law, and many others.

    In learning from a mix of world leading academics and practitioners, the practical teaching methods and personalised support that we offer at Middlesex will set you up for a successful career. No matter what your goal might be, we are here to help you along your journey and equip you to deal with the legal issues of both today and tomorrow; preparing you to thrive in an ever-changing world.

    Got questions about what it's like to study at MDX? Talk to one of our student ambassadors on Unibuddy!

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