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Studying in autumn 2020 during coronavirus

Campus tours

Campus Tours

You can check out our north London campus in person on a number of tours this autumn.

We've put everything in place and we're following guidelines to make sure you're safe and comfortable while you're here.

Pre-book your place to join us on Saturday 10 October and take a guided look at our top-notch facilities.

  • What to expect on your campus tour


Free parking will be available on campus, we recommend you drive if you can. Your ticket will be checked at the car park and you'll be shown where to park too, before being given directions to the registration point.

You'll need to arrive no more than 10 minutes before your tour start time. We won't be able to let anyone in without a ticket and if you have a guest they need to be booked in too.


You'll be guided to your registration point by one of our student ambassadors. Each tour group will have its own registration point and waiting area.

All the tour groups are limited to a maximum of five visitors, including guests.

During your tour

One of our ambassadors will guide you around the main buildings and facilities on campus, and make sure you're safe and comfortable too.

To keep everyone safe you'll need to wear a face covering the entire time, unless you're exempt from doing so. The entire tour will last about 45 minutes.


If you have questions about applying, your tour ambassador can show you back to the quad where you'll be able to speak to our admissions team after your tour.

They'll show you back to the car park when tour is over as well.

Virtual campus tours

We held live, virtual tours of the campus and our different facilities recently and we recorded them too, so if you can't come to campus you can watch from home.

You can check out our north London campus or take a specialist tour of a number of our other buildings and facilities too 👇

Explore the Hendon Campus

Come along on a tour led by student ambassadors Kyle and Maxi as they highlight all the best bits of campus (and some hidden secrets).

Discover Natural Sciences in the Hatchcroft Building

Our very own PhD student, Nirusha Weerasinghe, guides you through our incredible Natural Science facilities in the Hatchcroft Building. Afterwards, Emily will briefly show you the rest of the campus.

Observe the world of the mind in this special Psychology tour in the Hatchcroft Building

Senior Lecturer Alex Jones showcases some of the Psychology facilities in the Hatchcroft Building. Afterwards Emily takes you on a tour of all the hotspots on campus.

See the state of the art sports facilities at Copthall Barnet Stadium

Home to Saracens rugby club, Kyle Pittman will take you around all the amazing facilities you get access to at the stadium.

Get a taste of what Computing and IT is like in the Ritterman Building

Your potential lecturer, Usama Arusi, gives you an overview of what to expect on a Computing and IT course. After this Kevin takes you on a little trip around the campus.

Examine the world of Robotics, Engineering and Mechatronics in the Ritterman Building

Will Davis, GAA (he’ll explain what that is), highlights all the great projects you get to experience throughout your time in the Ritterman Building.

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