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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Design Engineering

Start your career in Design Engineering

Design feeds into many areas across many industries – from architecture to robotics. At Middlesex, we offer a range of courses to help you explore your design passion, with hands-on experience in our industry-standard workshops and the chance to put your skills to the test on placement.

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Your learning in 2021

We’ve developed our teaching and learning strategy to incorporate all we’ve learnt about online learning during COVID-19 to ensure you get the most out of your course.

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    Join Prof Mehmet Karamanoglu, Dr Alison Megeney, Dr Matt Jones and Dr Nick Sharples to find out more about placements, choosing a course and see how maths is used in Product Design.

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My student recommendations: Connor

Hi, I’m Connor and I’m studying Computer Systems Engineering in the Design Engineering and Maths department here at Middlesex. I’ll be sharing my top recommendations for studying at MDX and recommendations for starting this course in particular!

Before starting your degree in the Design Engineering department at Middlesex, I’d recommend finding some books that really appeal to you. These could be anything from books on machine learning, to books about how to repair motherboards and other hardware components.

Particularly with computing, the best thing to do is find an area that interests you so you end up feeling like you’re not even working at all!

Start with the basics

My biggest tip before you join us is to go back to basics. For something like Computer Systems Engineering, it would be good to have some knowledge of coding and computer systems.

This doesn’t have to be an in-depth knowledge, but watching a few YouTube videos to understand how coding works and the basic premise of it will be a huge benefit!

If you can, find an area which you find the most interesting and do some extracurricular research that links into what you will be studying in classes. This ends up giving you a much wider knowledge of the subject, but also means you are enjoying what you’re creating!

Learn with YouTube

There are so many YouTube channels out there now that specialise in computing. Although finding one that is able to remain interesting and informative can sometimes be a little bit more difficult.

Here are some of the ones that I have found over the years that I really enjoy:

Ben Eater is all about creating computer systems from scratch, using logic gates and IC’s. He is very informative whilst still keeping the content light and fun.

Bigclivedotcom specialises in taking apart electronics and figuring out how they work and do the job they’re designed for. He also has a few videos every now and again of him just messing around with different pieces of equipment, which is cool.

Code Bullet is a channel that makes A.I. to complete games as perfectly as possible which sometimes involves genetic algorithms. Overall, a very interesting concept and definitely worth checking out!

Computerphile is dedicated to showing some of the intricacies in the computing world and is very informative. The videos are short enough that they don’t feel like they go on too much and can cover some interesting topics.

Linus Tech Tips is a fun channel that is always showing off some of the latest computer hardware. Although they never go too deeply into the tech side of things, they do have some tutorials on building your own computer if you’re into that.

TechLinked is run by the LMG media group and aims to give you the latest tech news in a short and fun format. Although the thumbnails seem very gimmicky, this is an easy way to keep up with the current goings-on in the tech world.

Tom Stanton is usually geared towards mechanical engineering. However every now and again some of the projects he works on requires some electrical engineering and computer processing. This can show the possibilities of what can be achieved with a computing degree like Computer Systems Engineering.

Course news

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    Pepper the robot

    Our resident robot, Pepper, became the first robot ever questioned by a House of Commons select committee in 2018 about how robots might assist with learning in schools in the future.

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    Eva shares how studying Design Engineering at MDX has left her feeling prepared for the world of work - from the competitions she took part in to her placement year.

MDX made 20k visors for the NHS!

MDX staff with 20 k spelled in boxes

We're exceptionally proud of the work that Design Engineering have done to support the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis, producing over 20,000 laser-cut visors.

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Tiago is a current student at Middlesex and is here to answer any questions you might have about the course, student life or studying at university.

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