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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Studying Biomedical Science

Learning from the cutting edge

You’ll benefit from facing real-life clinical laboratory challenges in our cutting-edge Hatchcroft Building and have the chance to develop specialist knowledge in microscopy, blood typing and DNA analysis.

  • Learn advanced skills for your career

    You’ll develop a range of skills and techniques which are used at the forefront of the industry.

    Our academics have experience in scientific research, biomedical science and medicine and you can learn from their current on-campus research into biomarkers, cancer treatment and rapid testing of infectious disease.

    You’ll be supported by your tutors, particularly your personal tutor, as you work in groups and in one-to-ones that will focus on your personal needs.

    As well as on-campus facilities, you’ll be able to access virtual labs and LearnSmart for instant feedback.

  • We're back on campus for teaching

    Your timetable will be built around teaching time using our facilities on campus with online sessions for some activities where being virtual adds value. That means it’s not going to be like 2020 over again. We've combined the best of our pre-pandemic teaching with what's worked best for students while they've been learning at home.

    We’ve planned your learning so it has most benefit for you:

    • On campus, we’ll have smaller sized laboratories so that you can learn individually and enhance your own skills and understanding. We’ll supplement this with a wide range of virtual laboratories you can access from home

    • You’ll have remote access to our sophisticated software so you can use Middlesex University software from home

    • We’re making sure that we continue to offer enhanced personal tutoring that encompasses a focus on your mental health, as well as on your success.

Build a strong research portfolio

In your final year, you’ll design and undertake your own research project to complete the portfolio of work you’ve created in your time at Middlesex, building on problem-solving exercises and case study analyses.

Your final project will be in partnership with one of our research groups:

  • Diagnostic Biomarkers Research Group
  • Molecular Biology group
  • Biophysics and Bioengineering group
  • Reproductive Biology group

We offer placements between your second and third year, in commercial, research or NHS pathology laboratories. We have links with prestigious London hospitals such as The Whittington, The Royal Free, Hampstead, Northwick Park as well as the laboratories at NHS Blood & Transplant.

You’ll benefit from putting your theory into practice and building your CV, as, depending on your course, you’ll be required to undertake a certain number of hours of training, which may then make you eligible for IBMS membership.

Evolving our teaching in the pandemic

We're designing our approach to teaching and learning for 2021 using student and staff feedback from the past year and evidence of what helped students learn best. This means we can incorporate some of the most successful innovations and new practices and make the most of your study time on campus and online.

Our current students have found our virtual approach during the pandemic to be incredibly useful to their studies – allowing them to revisit lectures in their own time, if necessary. Conducting experiments in their local areas has yielded a greater variety of results than when we’ve all been together on campus, giving our students more to discuss and explore.

We’ll be continuing to offer some a range of virtual teaching going forward, to help you fit your studies around your life and revisit anything you need to. We are also looking at how to continue to provide experiments that provide a breadth of results, as we’ve seen the benefit of that to our current students.

Our team has risen to the occasion over the past year – supporting not only students, but research into the pandemic. Our graduates have been working on the front line, supporting the NHS through the crisis. We’re proud of the work we have done within our community and without and we are taking what we have learnt forward, to continue to offer you the best education and preparation possible.

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