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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Studying Design Engineering

Learning from the cutting edge

You’ll benefit from our dedicated facilities in our new Ritterman Building, which are equipped with state-of-the-art industry- standard equipment in electronics, mechatronics, robotics and networking solutions.

You’ll have access to high-quality specialist laboratories equipped with industry-standard software, hardware and tools.

  • Learn advanced skills for your career

    Our courses are designed to mimic industry and develop your interpersonal, communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills – all of which are vital across the industry.

    You’ll work in teams on projects which we update every year, so the content is always fresh and new.

    Previous projects have included building the Pavillion on the campus grounds.

    We encourage you to develop a commercial approach and our courses are designed to replicate industrial practice, so that you are prepared both for your placement and your career.

    We also ensure that the equipment and software you use is industry standard, including Cisco, Xilinx, Altair and LabView, so you’re trained on what you’ll use when you graduate.

  • We're back on campus for teaching

    Your timetable will be built around teaching time using our facilities on campus with online sessions for some activities where being virtual adds value. That means it’s not going to be like 2020 over again. We've combined the best of our pre-pandemic teaching with what's worked best for students while they've been learning at home.

    We’ve planned your learning so it has most benefit for you:

    • Lecture modules will remain online, as well as modules that are theory based . These will be recorded for reference later which will enhance the capacity we have on campus

    • We are organising our schedules so you have longer practical days on campus but fewer days than in the past. This way, you’ll minimise any travelling you have to do to get to the campus and help us provide catch-up sessions

    • You’ll have access to programme specific tools and materials to ensure that you can continue to work when not on campus for any reason

    • You’ll have access to Miro board for interactive working and we’ll continue to offer licences so we can offer lab training on a number of platforms such as Robot Studio, LabView, Fluidsim, Altium, TIA Portal and Learning Advantage. Many of these platforms integrate seamlessly with virtual and physical systems.

Confidence building placements

We encourage you to take a year-long placement between your second and third years, as this gives you the chance to develop your skills in a professional setting and explore interests you’d like to pursue when you graduate.

Our placements give you the chance to build industry links, apply your knowledge, develop practical skills and will boost your CV and chances of employment when you graduate.

We support you in gaining the employment skills you need, alongside the placements, so you graduate feeling confident and ready for the industry.

Evolving our teaching in the pandemic

We're designing our approach to teaching and learning for 2021 using student and staff feedback from the past year and evidence of what helped students learn best. This means we can incorporate some of the most successful innovations and new practices and make the most of your study time on campus and online.

Our team has risen to the occasion over the past year – supporting not only students, but research into the pandemic. Our graduates have been working on the front line, supporting the NHS through the crisis. We’re proud of the work we have done within our community and we are taking what we have learnt forward, to continue to offer you the best education and preparation possible.

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Studying Design Engineering courses

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