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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Studying Economics

What to look forward to

Your learning will be driven by our award-winning academics and our incredible support staff, with a strong focus on bringing our innovative research and industry knowledge to the classroom.

  • Real-world issues and practical skills development

    You’ll learn how to use micro and macroeconomics to solve real-world and every day issues.

    From using economic theory to decide how air traffic landing should be scheduled or using microeconomic theories to explore the sport and entertainment industry, you’ll get the chance to apply theory to a variety of areas and issues.

    We’ll also develop your practical skills through hands-on skills training. This includes writing reports using economic theory and advanced quantitative techniques, how to use cutting-edge statistical software such as R and Stata to analyse data, and how to explain complex economic and financial concepts to technical and non-technical audiences, using rigorous statistical evidence.

    All of these skills will prepare you for your career post-graduation and ensure you can apply your theory in the real-world.

  • We're back on campus for teaching

    Your timetable will be built around teaching time using our facilities on campus with online sessions for some activities where being virtual adds value. That means it’s not going to be like 2020 over again. We've combined the best of our pre-pandemic teaching with what's worked best for students while they've been learning at home.

    We’ve planned your learning so it has most benefit for you:

    • You’ll be on campus for seminars and labs in small groups which will provide a safe space for you to clarify your understanding, meet and learn from your fellow classmates, and discuss concepts with your tutor face-to-face

    • You’ll be taught online through both live lectures where you can ask questions of tutors and lecturers or through pre-recorded lectures or labs that you can watch at your own time.

Innovative teaching that's enhanced by technology

Our teaching and learning approach is evidence-based and designed using feedback from students and staff during the pandemic and in previous years.

For example, our students particularly liked our pre-recorded lectures that they could return to later to review old concepts.

We also use technology to enhance your learning and put you in control, like virtual whiteboards and polls during lectures so you can interact live.

Tech also allows us to add innovative new ways of teaching into the mix like offering you access, at home, to all our state-of-the-art Financial Market Labs.

Impactful partnerships to help you succeed in your career

We are extremely focused on making our courses industry-led. This includes having modules taught by industry professionals and we even offer a trading course free of charge, run by one of our partners.

Our staff also have a wide range of experience to draw from, from government work to international organisations. This exposure to industry professionals will help to open up your network, and connect with important contacts in your chosen field.

You’ll also have the option to undertake a placement in your third year where you can further develop your ability and readiness for graduation. Our connections to industry leaders and organisations across the country (and around the world!) will give you the chance to pick from a variety of placement options to tailor your experience to your career ambitions.

Bringing our research expertise into the classroom

Our Economics programme ranks in the top 25% in the United Kingdom on the basis of research output.

Our academic team consists of some of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking researchers who study a variety of subjects from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to the fast-fashion industry

You’ll get access to this cutting-edge knowledge through your core and optional modules.

From our industry-led teaching approach and practical skills training to our world-class research team and placement options, we know that studying economics at Middlesex University will set you up for a successful career.

No matter your area of interest or career goals, we are here to help you along your journey and ensure you are equipped to practice in an ever-changing world

See how senior lecturer, Dr Ioannis Bournakis, brings his research on productivity and economic crisis to the classroom.

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