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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Studying Politics

What to look forward to

Throughout your learning, you’ll benefit from our approach to teaching that brings theoretical concepts and practical experience together.

You’ll get to work on group projects, participate in mock United Nations meetings, and even create activism campaigns from scratch.

Get hands-on experience to prepare you for the working world

Our international politics courses aim to prepare you for your future career through giving you real world experience before you graduate.

You’ll have the option to take a placement in your third year as a module or you can extend your programme to four years and do a full year of work experience. Most of our modules have a practical assignment like group projects, presentations, and more.

You’ll also be able to take optional modules like The Politics of Policy in Practice, where you’ll be tasked with running your own series of seminars and gain the experience needed to facilitate similar sessions in your future career.

  • Innovative teaching that's enhanced by technology

    Our teaching and learning approach is evidence-based and designed using feedback from students and staff during the pandemic and in previous years.

    For example, our students particularly liked watching our bite-sized “concept videos” to refresh their knowledge before a lecture so we’re continuing to include these in course materials.

    We also use technology to enhance your learning and put you in control, like polls, virtual whiteboards, and quizzes during lectures so you can interact live.

    Tech also allows us to add innovative new ways of teaching into the mix like when we took students last year on a virtual tour of the Council of Europe in Strasburg, including a live Q&A with the judge.

  • Personalised support to launch your career

    Our students generally pursue a wide range of careers, whether that’s in governance, business, diplomacy, or law.

    To support you, our Law School has established a robust and personalised approach to employability service. We’ll help you curate your CV, build  your cover letters, and even prepare you for your interviews.

    We’ll also help you to connect with our network to secure placement opportunities, part-time work, or volunteer experience to boost your resume.

    Our Graduate Academic Assistants and Employability Officer are all here to help you through each step of your journey, no matter what your career ambitions may be.

Bringing our research expertise into the classroom

You’ll be joining one of the most innovative and forward-thinking social science schools in the country when you join us at Middlesex. Our academic staff continue to lead in their research fields from international policy and human rights to immigration and Brexit law.

This research comes to life in our variety of specialist routes and optional modules. You can choose to specialise through our pathways in either Politics and Law or Politics, Economics and Law. Or you can build expertise in your area of interest through optional modules on topics like Global Climate Change Policy Gender and Race Movements, or Peace and Conflict.

From our practical teaching methods and personalised career support to our incredible research staff, we know that studying politics at Middlesex University will set you up for a successful career.

No matter your area of interest or career goals, we are here to help you along your journey and ensure you are equipped to practice in an ever-changing world.

You’ll also be taught by some of the most respected academic researchers in the country, like Dr Joelle Grogan who recently spoke in front of the House of Lords regarding COVID-19 or our Programme Leader for the BA International Politics, Dr Tunc Aybak, who talks in his video how he brings his research in foreign policy to his teaching.

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