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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Studying Theatre

What to look forward to

In 2020, Theatre Arts won MDXSU Course of the Year voted for by students, showing what a special, diverse and dynamic practice-based community we’ve got here.

Get ready to explore all aspects of making theatre on, one of the few courses that offers a degree in Theatre Directing, Design and Performance.

  • Reach your full creative potential in our facilities

    You’ll have our five studio theatres at your fingertips, designed and equipped with maximum flexibility in mind to facilitate your ideas.

    Our main house Theatre is equipped with great access to all the ancillary spaces such as dressing rooms, workshops etc.

    We have the latest technological equipment for you to use, such as up-to-date LED lighting, 3D printing, specialist workshops, holographic gauzes, VR and more!

  • We're back on campus for teaching

    Your timetable will be built around teaching time using our facilities on campus with online sessions for some activities where being virtual adds value. That means it’s not going to be like 2020 over again. We've combined the best of our pre-pandemic teaching with what's worked best for students while they've been learning at home.

    We’ve planned your learning so it has most benefit for you.

    Practical work, some aspects of teaching and rehearsals and production-making will all be face-to-face; giving you a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with your classmates in person, experience what it’s like to be in a creative community and express your ideas using our facilities.

Innovative teaching that's enhanced by technology

Our approach to teaching and learning is evidence based and designed using feedback from students and staff during the pandemic and previous years.

Tutorials and supervisions will be kept online and recorded, meaning you can re-watch anytime (and save some money on travel too!). We will continue to host Ideas Labs/Conferences virtually so you can learn from and network with international artists and practitioners.

We use technology to enhance your learning and put you in control. As well as recorded lecturers, we have and will continue to make the most of National Theatre streamed performances, podcasts, remote support software and design programmes such as wsywg, callQ and sketch-up.

We will also continue to utilise multi-media to enhance performances, using the likes of podcasts, websites such as behance and virtual theatre spaces.

This teaching year, we successfully converted practical projects into online events, such as our final years who organised a virtual scratch festival, creating a range of filmed/recorded performance work for an online platform and we held our Stand-up Comedy assessments (usually at the King’s Head Comedy Club) to a remote audience too.

Our annual end of year physical degree show was also transformed into a fully online showcase, MDX Creative Graduates. Not only was this a fantastic way of exhibiting the amazing work by our creative students, but being online also meant our students’ work could reach industry professionals all over the world! Due to its success, we’re going to be carrying this forward in future years to run alongside a physical event.

Support for your successful career in theatre

  • Collaborate directly with industry specialists through career-focused events with industry partners

  • Work professionally on international productions and festivals. In the past, students have worked in Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, UK including Edinburgh Festival and the Brighton Fringe

  • Benefit from two compulsory Theatre Industry modules in years 2 and 3, connecting you with key networks, skills, placements and projects to support your ongoing employability.

The team is looking forward to welcoming you to Middlesex! With our placement programme, state-of-the- art facilities and dedicated team, we’re excited to see you develop into a professional, ready to take on the theatre industry.

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