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MDX Annual Learning & Teaching Conference 2023

Optimising Employability for the Workplace of the Future - the Role of Educators, Students & Employers

15 June 2023, Online event

Call for contributions – Deadline 10 March 2023

We invite you to share your contributions to the 22nd MDX Annual Learning & Teaching Conference, which this year focuses on employability.

Middlesex University's objective is to develop successful graduates in all disciplines by supporting students through the complexities of higher education. At MDX, our goal is to positively impact various economic, social, cultural and environmental areas. The university's strategy 'Knowledge into Action 2031' aims to enhance student success through an emphasis on employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Your insights and experiences will enhance the conference and help us further our mission of preparing students for career success.

Our new MDX Graduate Competencies will be profiled at the conference – providing the rationale for revision of these; the research mechanism is undertaken to identify these and the narrative by which they will be weaved into our learning framework – in both curricular and co-curricular engagement.

Proposals are welcome from all colleagues including those new to teaching/supporting learning, and particularly collaborative proposals. Collaborations can include cross-discipline, students, and industry partners.

Themes to consider:

  • Scholarly research on promoting employability in Higher Education
  • Pedagogic practices that promote employability and entrepreneurship
  • Integrating graduate competencies into the curriculum
  • Data, evaluation and impact
  • Inclusivity and Technology


  • Consideration of employability/careers/entrepreneurship related to discipline
  • How can our students differentiate from the competition and more confidently articulate their value and worth to future employers?
  • Is ‘employability’ enhancement as much about personal development as it is about professional/skills attainment and validation?
  • Inclusive pathways to employment – empowering student transition into the workplace
  • Exploring transdisciplinarity as a sub-theme/pedagogical approach, and how it mediates professional practice and development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing employability. For those students already in work, accessing our provision may be the key to career progression & development (or indeed career change)
The conference will be hosted online.

Please consider which format is best suited to your type of session (short presentations, discussion panels, workshops, etc). All sessions are a maximum of 50 minutes long. Consider how you will utilise the time to showcase practice, foster discussion and explore new ways of doing. All contributors are encouraged to feature: the student voice (students actively welcomed as a part of the presentation team); showcase collaborations between academic and professional services, industry links, etc.; highlight evidence and impact and actively engage audiences (considering the use of the chat functions/polls, etc).

Please note: Sessions will be recorded and used as educational resources. Proposals will be reviewed by the ALTC working group (membership of which includes representation from all faculties/campuses and from professional services) using the criteria:

  • Clarity of proposal
  • Implications of the findings for the learning and teaching community
  • Innovative approaches
  • Evidence of impact
  • Anticipated interest
If you have any questions, please email CAPE@mdx.ac.uk

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