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Meet Our Grads: Animation and Games

When you study animation or games at Middlesex, you join a community of outstanding graduates having a huge impact across the world. Our alumni go on to work for big-name organisations such as Disney and Netflix, set up their own businesses and are proactive in making the world a fairer, healthier and more sustainable place.

We understand you not only want to make the most of your time at university but are also looking beyond. Our animation and games courses are geared towards employability and helping you achieve your career goals, whatever they are. You will benefit from our robust industry connections, internships, studio visits and inspirational talks from animation and games professionals.

Meet our alumni

Read about some of the aspirational individuals who have turned their career goals into reality since graduating from Middlesex.

Betty Kim: Illustrator and Animator

Course studied: Illustration BA

Betty is a London based British-Korean illustrator and animator. Before becoming self-employed, she studied Illustration BA at Middlesex. Betty’s film ‘To Be Or Not To’ looks at suicide and depression and won a prize by Creative Conscience, an international organisation dealing with world social issues. Her portfolio of work was also chosen by D&AD as a contender in the New Blood Awards. Betty has gone on to focus full-time on her creative career and exhibit work in event spaces and do artist talks and workshops.

Nilanth Sivarajah: Game Designer, Outplay Entertainment

Course studied: Games Design BSc (now Games Design and Development BSc)

Nilanth is a highly skilled and creative games designer with a passion for creating interactive experiences. With a First-Class Honours degree, he possesses vital skills in scripting, level design, prototyping, and more. He has successfully led the games team at Digital Influx, creating educational games for children.

Scott Ashling: Game Designer, G110 Studios

Course studied: 3D Animation and Games BA (now 3D for Games and Film BA)

As a co-founder and game designer at G110 Studios, Scott gained valuable insights into the gaming industry. He has gathered experience from releasing an alpha demo Android game and a beta release for a second game. Scott sells assets on the Unreal Marketplace, honing his skills and contributing to the game development community.

Andreas Marc Buehler: Game Director, ddrobotec

Course studied: Game Art Animation

Andreas is a highly accomplished game designer and artist with an expertise in using the Unreal Engine for game development and 3D visualisation. As the Game Director at ddrobotec, he contributes to gamified user experiences for data-driven robotic personal trainers. He has also served as a lecturer, sharing his knowledge in Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 4.

Sofia Negri: Animation Director, Freelancer

Course studied: Animation BA

Sofia has worked for the British Film Institute, Amnesty International, Disney and Coldplay. She has won the Emerging Filmmaker Award by the Wiggin Foundation and the Roundhouse, following her first directed documentary, The Skatebook.

“[My work] aims at giving shape to dreams, visualizing new ideas, to communicate with others on a deeper level. A mix of techniques, such as traditional animation, digital and stop motion, enriches my practice and reaches further in the imagination of the audience.”

At Middlesex, we understand the importance of career support for life beyond university. That is why our award-winning career support service, MDXworks, is on hand to help you during and after your studies (for life).

Want to learn more about how we support you with your career so you can follow in the footsteps of some of our amazing alumni? Speak to one of our Animation and Games students.

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