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Meet Our Grads: Photography and Fine Art

When you study photography or fine art at Middlesex, you join a community of outstanding graduates having a huge impact across the world. Our alumni go on to work for big-name organisations such as Wallpaper* and show at events like Paris Fashion Week, set up their own businesses and are proactive in making the world a fairer, healthier and more sustainable place.

We understand you not only want to make the most of your time at university but are also looking beyond. Our photography and fine art courses are geared towards employability and helping you achieve your career goals, whatever they are. A dedicated Year 3 module provides an awareness of how to negotiate commercial contexts and established professional standards of photographic practice. You create a portfolio, CV, online presence and research where you want to work.

Meet our alumni

Read about some of the aspirational individuals who have turned their career goals into reality since graduating from Middlesex.

Caroline Rooke: Photographer

Course studied: Photography BA

Caroline's work shifts from revolving around people to focus on our natural environment. Caroline became a self-employed photographer after graduating from Middlesex. She is as taken with the different expressions of trees as she is with facial expressions, each telling a story in different ways.

Cole Flynn Quirke: Photographer and Graphic Designer, freelancer

Course studied: Photography BA

Cole’s process is primarily autobiographical. He has recently featured work as part of the show Many and Beautiful Things at Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange in Penzance, alongside renowned photographers such as Joseph Szabo and Rineke Dijkstra. Cole’s most recent work was a collaborative project for the launch of Edie Ashley’s new clothing line. This work was exhibited at Galerie De Thorigny during Paris Fashion Week.

Sophie Gladstone: Photography Editor, Wallpaper*

Course studied: Photography BA

Sophie was included on the British Journal of Photography’s list of ‘Ones To Watch’ – a selection of 20 emerging image-makers, chosen from a list of over 450 nominations. After graduating from Middlesex Sophie worked as an intern at Wallpaper* before becoming Photography Editor there.

Alexandra Sarah: Visual Artist, Fine Art Specialist and Curator

Course studied: Photography BA

Alexandra has collaborated with numerous cultural organizations, been recognized as one of Scotland's top artists, and received awards and publications for her work. Her art explores spirituality, religion, technology, and the human psyche, often incorporating water as a symbolic element. She advocates for embracing the uniqueness of the human body in fashion.

Louise Beer: Artist and Curator

Course studied: Fine Art BA

Louise, a multidisciplinary artist, explores humanity’s perception of Earth’s environments and the cosmos through installation, moving image, photography, and sound. She has participated in numerous prestigious residencies and grants worldwide. Additionally, she has curated exhibitions and events focused on astronomy and ecology and collaborated with renowned organizations and festivals internationally.

Alison Goldfrapp: Artist and singer

Course studies: Fine Art MA

Alison went to Middlesex where she studied for a master’s in fine art and started creating live performance pieces. Later, she met composer Will Gregory and formed the successful electronic music duo Goldfrapp. In recent years, she has embarked on a successful photography and directorial career, shooting both album artwork and directing videos.

At Middlesex, we understand the importance of career support for life beyond university. That is why our award-winning career support service, MDX Works, is on hand to help you during and after your studies (for life).

Want to learn more about how we support you with your career so you can follow in the footsteps of some of our amazing alumni? Speak to one of our Photography and Fine Art students.

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