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3D workshops

The extensive suite of 3D workshops houses an incredible range of facilities and machinery, 5 Dimensional milling machines and CAM-CAD lathes in the CAM lab, Mig, Tig and Arc Welding equipment, large CNC Router, computer controlled lathes and saw tables, laser cutters, perspex oven and vacuum-forming machines. Students and staff can work with wood, metal and plastics and the latest technologies, including a computer-controlled 3D printer.

A wide range of specialist equipment is also available for the creation of three dimensional jewellery, accessories and other artefacts including traditional jewellery benches, laser cutter, laser welder, rapid prototype machine and rotary polisher.

In addition, our workshops also offer a range of equipment for the creation of pottery and sculpture; there are ceramics and glass kilns, ceramics printing and body casting facilities and traditional potters wheels.

360 degree tour

Explore our 3D workshops below, or take a full virtual tour of our campus.

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