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Photography facilities

We have a broad range of studios and facilities for photography, including four professional studios. The studios include a large-scale infinity cove for portrait, full figure or group photography with extensive overhead lighting track and colourama systems for flexible professional lighting options and easy change of background colour and effects.

Our state-of-the-art digital editing and printing facility features high-end Apple Mac workstations and scanners. The workstations are networked to an extensive range of professional-level photographic printers equipped with the latest software, so that you will have a broad range of printing options available to you. You will also be supported by expert technical staff, trained to help you get the most out of your design and photography work.

Alongside digital darkrooms, we also have analogue black and white and full colour darkrooms. With a wide range of high-end enlargers at various formats using traditional high quality wet process methods, this area has bespoke print developing areas, a large format colour print processor and a film processing room.

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Explore one of our photography studios below, or take a full virtual tour of our campus.

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