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Radio studio

We have two sound-proofed studios with the ability to broadcast live shows. They are equipped to the same standard as independent local radio stations. 

Our two radio studios are both identical in their set up, each holding one presenter and two guests. Both are sound-treated to ensure broadcasts are fully self-contained with no interference from external sounds.

Interview up to 5 guests simultaneously

Both radio studios are interconnected, enabling up to 5 guests to be interviewed by one presenter simultaneously.

Controllable lighting and temperature

Each studio also has various light settings and controllable air-conditioning/heating.


Streaming is available through Middlesex University's network or over the internet via a Shoutcast server.

Radio studio specs

Dual workstation setup

  • One General PC for additional playout and recording
  • One Playout PC, with OMT Technologies playout software: iMedia Touch, iMedia Production, iMediaLog Tools
  • Both workstations equipped with professional grade audio interfaces by RME and M-Audio.

Audio desk

  • Logitek Mosaic MLX-10 frame, with 6 channel strips
  • Logitek Mosaic MLX-10 frame: 4 channel strips; 2 Control Room strips; 1 NSOFT strip
  • Wide Meter Bridge


  • 3 x Audio Technica 4033a
  • 2 x Sonifex Redbox mic preamp
  • 3 x Novus Yellovtec Mika microphone arm


  • 2 x Tannoy Reveal 601a
  • 3 x Multiphones Henry Engineering Mic preamps
  • 3 x Beyerdynamic DT-100 headphones


  • 1 x Krone patchbay
  • 2 x XLR inputs

Recording/ playback

  • 1 x Tascam DV-RA1000HD
  • Straight to PC: Audacity, Reaper


  • 3 people per studio (1 interviewer and 2 guests per studio, or 1 interviewer and 5 guests when studios are interconnected).

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