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TV studio and gallery complex

Specially designed for the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries by Sony, our television studio complex is a self-contained facility and provides an environment identical to most broadcast installations. It comprises of two television studios, three dedicated control rooms (production, sound and vision/lighting galleries),a VTR area and a central apparatus room.

Both studios have comprehensive lighting support and control systems commensurate with their size and likely productions.

Lighting systems are a mix of conventional tungsten fresnels, fluorescent soft lights and a variety of DMX intelligent lights.

See full facilities specs for our television studio below. Our facilities are also available for hire.

360 degree tour

Explore our TV studio below, or take a full virtual tour of our campus.

Studio A and B

The two studios are supplied with 6 camera chains at present. They may be operated with a free mix of camera channels which are nominally shared as a maximum of 6 cameras in Studio A or 4 cameras in Studio B.

The studios and associated control rooms may be freely assigned so that combinations of facilities may be configured to allow for a variety of operational requirements.

Studio Complex Equipment

  • Sony MVS-6000 Production Switcher
  • Compulite Vector Orange and Green lighting desks
  • Allen & Heath 64 channel iLive-112 digital audio desk
  • Soundcraft Ghost 32 channel analogue audio desk
  • 24 track audio recording capability
  • Clarity 9.5 graphics suite
  • 6 x Sony HXC-100/U HD Colour Camera chains featuring on air and preview tallies, 2 channel talkback and 2 return feeds
  • 4 x Vinten Quattro pedestals with Vinten Vector pan and tilt heads
  • 4 x Canon 20x7.5 SD box lenses
  • 3 x Canon 10x4.5 HD wide angle lenses
  • Triax cables (Fischer)
  • Jimmy Jib crane with 12 foot boom and hot head
  • Talkback Matrix in all production areas with Clear-Com and Motorola wireless beltpacks
  • Autocue system with 2 x camera hoods
  • Avid ISIS 5000 central storage supporting Airspeed multistream ingest and playback and 15 x Media Composer suites
 Studio AStudio B
 Double height and provides suitable facilities for a wide range of productions extending to multiple set, audience and music or LE shows.

Studio B is expected to cover interview, news inject and generally smaller productions and offers a green screen infinity curve.




  • 2 x Studio wallboxes - Camera Triax, Video, Audio, Talkback, Control, Ethernet
  • Technical AC power
  • Lighting suspension and lighting power distribution at high/low level
  • Self climbing hoists x 20 for lighting/set rigs
  • Cyclorama curtains and tracks
  • Wireless and cabled Talkback systems
  • Local prompt operator operation
  • Floor Monitors and Trolleys
  • 1 x signal wallbox in lighting grid
  • On air lights
  • Studio wallbox - Camera Triax, Video, Audio, Talkback, Control, Ethernet
  • Technical AC power
  • Lighting suspension and lighting power distribution at high/low level
  • Cyclorama curtain and tracks
  • Green screen infinity curve
  • Wireless and cabled Talkback systems
  • Local prompt operator operation
  • Floor Monitor and Trolley
  • On air lights

Production control room

The production control room provides a comfortable working environment with main and rear operational desk positions for up to eight production staff including Producer, Director, PA, Vision Mixer, Graphics Operator, Server/VTR Operator, Technical Coordinator.

Full picture monitoring is provided via the main monitor stack offering comprehensive source and programme monitors with individual operator monitoring facilities where necessary.

Audio monitoring is similarly provided via the stereo programme monitoring system and individually where required.

Lighting and vision control room

The lighting and vision control room provides full facilities for the Lighting Director, Vision Control operator, Console operator and additional staff with a main monitor stack and individual preview picture and waveform monitoring as necessary. Stereo audio monitoring is provided.

Sound control room

The sound control room offers technical furniture to house separate digital and analogue mixers with operational positions for the desk operator and an assistant. Local equipment and signal distribution/patching facilities are conveniently located and a suitable range of source preview and programme picture monitors are provided. Main audio monitoring is stereo with additional prefade monitoring as expected.

CAA and dimmer room

The CAA and dimmer room houses all the shared central technical equipment and the lighting control gear for both studio spaces.

All lines to the studio wallboxes and other remote destinations terminate in the CAA and are patched for onward connection as necessary.

The Camera Control units, vision mixer mainframe, central video/audio router, talkback matrix and all other supporting equipment are housed in CAA.

Limited talkback and monitoring facilities are provided sufficient for line ident/checking for this generally unmanned area.

VTR area

The VTR area provides a comprehensive tape and file based recording, transcoding and dubbing facility. It includes a bay of five 19" racks housing most equipment together with a two person operational desk with monitor stack and main audio monitoring.

Sufficient local monitoring is provided to allow comprehensive rack based recording, dubbing and transcoding functions without reference to the main desk and monitoring functions.

Comprehensive tape & file based recording, transcoding & dubbing facility

The VTR area also includes a range of tape, disc and file based HD machines and legacy formats and systems with dedicated firewire, video and audio routing provided between machines for maximum flexibility.

Conversion bridges

Conversion bridges are included to/from the CAA central router and an SD/DV ingest/playout system is provided with added DVD/Blu-Ray transport.

Signal format

The main signal format for the complex is HD-SDI, 1080i at 1.5Gbps with embedded audio where applicable and conversions to/from other formats are included.

Facilities for embedding, de-embedding and conversion of audio signal formats are integral within the central routing system and allow for maximum versatility.

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