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Representation and Campaigns

Your MDXSU Representatives

As a Middlesex University student, you have a range of elected MDXSU representatives looking out for you and your needs - from the Students' Union President to the Student Voice Leaders representing each year of each course. Have a look at all your current MDXSU representatives.

These student representatives direct the work of MDXSU and ensure that your voice is heard in a range of areas. They meet with key decision-makers within all levels of the University and sit on important committees to help implement change at Middlesex and beyond.

Each of your elected representatives is a Middlesex student and was elected by their peers, students like you. For more information on the MDXSU elections, please visit our website.


MDXSU supports students to lead on creating positive change on campus and beyond.

Your elected MDXSU representatives lead campaigns on issues that matter to you - whether that's tax free sanitary products, a free bike hire scheme, microwaves for student use or lobbying our local council to resettle 50 Syrian refugees in our local borough.

For more information or to get involved with our current campaigns, please visit our website.

If you've got an idea which you feel would improve Middlesex, get it touch with us by emailing our MDXSU team or submit it as an idea for change on the MDXSU website.

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