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Erasmus+ & Exchanges

A study exchange or funded work placement overseas is a great way to enhance your university experience and broaden your horizons. Additionally, taking part in such a programme increases your employability and supplements the value of your degree by exposing you to a different culture, different thinking and a different way of doing things. A broad world view demonstrates to potential employers your ability to understand other perspectives, adapt to varying environments, work with diverse teams and bring an appreciation of insights and practices outside of your own.

Middlesex University offers one of the most comprehensive exchange programmes in the UK. Most of our degree programmes provide an exchange opportunity to study in one of our 3 international campuses or a choice of over 100 partner universities across the world, while gaining academic credits. You may want to immerse yourself in European culture funded by the Erasmus+ scheme.

We also offer you the chance to undertake funded work placements abroad as part of the Erasmus+ scheme. This can be as part of your course, during your summer vacation or after graduation.


As well as gaining excellent experiences and expanding your social and cultural understanding, you will develop essential skills and demonstrate initiative, confidence, and self-sufficiency; all qualities employers look for.

Study your subject from a different perspective while gaining academic credits

By joining the exchange programme you may find yourself studying in the most prestigious universities in the world. You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses that reflect your interests, discover new teaching and study methods, improve research skills and gain a new perspective on your subject area. You may also have the opportunity to learn a new language or improve existing foreign language skills.

Competitive advantage in the job market

Employers are impressed by candidates who have studied abroad because they know that participants who have lived and studied somewhere different are flexible, show a willingness to learn, exercise great leadership skills and motivation to learn a foreign language. The exchange experience helps students to broaden their career choices allowing them to look for highly-paid jobs not only in Great Britain but also abroad.

Foreign language skills

Becoming an exchange student and learning a new language will help you develop your creativity, bring a sense of belonging to a wider global community and upgrade your communication skills. The Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities for you to learn a new language or improve your foreign language skills to the level of fluency. However, many of our partners in non-English speaking countries also offer courses taught in English, so you don't need foreign language skills to take part in the programme.

Reduced fees

UK and EU students who study abroad for an academic year through the exchange programme will only pay Middlesex a tuition fee of £1,350. There are no fees to pay to the host university under the Exchange programme.

Erasmus grants

Erasmus+ is the European Commission's exchange programme that funds opportunities for students to study or gain accredited work experience within the European Union, European Economic Area and Turkey. Eligible students receive an Erasmus+ grant to contribute to living costs arising from studying abroad. Erasmus+ grants are paid in addition to the standard grants or loans to which students are entitled. There are also supplementary grants available if you have a disability or come from a low-income family.

Find out more

For further information or to discuss this with a member of the Middlesex Student Exchange Team phone +44 (0)20 8411 5962/5579 or email You can also find out more by visiting the Go International website.

Talk to current Middlesex exchange students on our Facebook page where you can ask questions and gain valuable first hand advice.

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