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Natasha Thompson-Campbell

Natasha Thompson CampbellBA International Business with Spanish

Business student Natasha spent 12 months living, working and studying in Valencia as part of Middlesex's Erasmus+ exchange programme.

As well as learning business skills and Spanish in class, Natasha gained a huge amount from completing four different internships: working in the local university's international admissions office; teaching English; supervising children at a summer school; and working for start-up investment firm Business Booster.

"Working at Business Booster was great for building up my business vocabulary in Spanish, while being thrown in at the deep end teaching has prepared me for whatever life throws at me," Natasha says.

And her advice to other students: "You've just got to go for it and step out of your comfort zone."

Experiencing the unique Valencian culture was another eye-opener for Natasha, as it showed her that you need to be appreciative of local differences when operating in international markets. Spending time with the locals was also a great way of improving her interpersonal language skills, having previously only been confident writing in Spanish.

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