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Elizabeth Ekpiken

Elizabeth Ekpiken

BA International Tourism Management with Business

Elizabeth completed a work placement in the Canary Islands – one of Spain's top tourist destinations

Elizabeth Ekpiken found her study work placement in Gran Canaria to be hugely beneficial. She received funding and support to work abroad as part of her degree as part of the Erasmus+ programme at Middlesex.

Keen to forge a career in tourism marketing, she got to experience a whole cross-section of the industry while working at the Gloria Palace San Augustin Hotel, where she staffed the reception desk, input data in reservations and got a taste of event management and digital advertising in the commercial department.

"Working on reception was great for my Spanish because I had no choice but to speak it, while my time on the commercial team was great for learning more about marketing as it exposed me to radio, social networking and events," Elizabeth says.

She also enjoyed sampling the more relaxed approach to business in the Canary Islands that befits the beautiful surroundings. Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth is keen to return to Spain after graduating and seek work using the fantastic exchange experience she now has on her CV.

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