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Raphael Ejime

Raphael EjimeMA International Relations

Raphael completed a work placement at a major international trade body

Raphael was able to put theory into context during a study work placement at the Global Union Federation of Builders and Woodworkers International (BWI).

"I applied to Middlesex, as I wanted to study in London and was really impressed that my course also offered the opportunity to take part in an internship," he says.

"The Employability Centre helped me with my CV and my lecturer's helped me secure the placement at the BWI. I really enjoyed it – it helped me put things I had learned on the course into context.

"In the future, I aspire to be an ambassador or diplomat, representing Nigeria in the global arena. Middlesex has helped in different ways, exposing me to the rudiments in the international system, as well as security in the wider world."

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