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Middlesex to deliver another 'World Class' building at Hendon

Middlesex University has commenced the next phase of construction on its Hendon campus. 

The brand new Art, Design and  Media building – the plans for which has been described by the Greater London Authority as ‘world class design’ – will be constructed over the next two years, to open in September 2011.

This exciting new building – designed by bpr Architects who also designed the Sheppard Library, the Hatchcroft building and the magnificent glazed Quadrangle on the University’s Hendon campus – will provide teaching, learning and research facilities for some 1,600 art, design and media students as well as 193 members of staff.  These students and staff will move in 2011 from Middlesex’s Cat Hill and Trent Park campuses.  At that time the Cat Hill campus will close, but the Trent Park campus will remain open and thriving, continuing to provide degrees in education, humanities and performing arts.

The Art, Design and Media building is to be built behind the Town Hall in Hendon.  It will vary in height between two and five storeys at different points in the building, with an overall floor space of 15,460 square metres.  Inside, students and academics will work in specialist teaching facilities, including art and design studios, digital media labs, workshops, photographic studios and darkrooms and TV studios as well as the more conventional seminar and teaching rooms, exhibition areas, offices and a cafeteria.  Along with the new building, Middlesex University will also fund major improvements to the setting and quality of the open space and parkland in the immediate area leading to Hendon Grove including paths, terraces and landscaping.  Overall, the University will spend around £80 million on this project.

Another important aspect of the building’s ‘world class design’ is the range of sustainable features intended to reduce energy consumption and thereby reduce the University’s carbon footprint.  These will include an onsite combined heat and power system together with an absorption chiller, energy efficient air source heat pumps, solar panels on the sedum roofs, a mechanical ventilation system, and daylight and occupancy sensors for artificial lighting.  The University’s green travel culture, which is informed by one of the most advanced travel and transport strategies of any organisation in north London, will be further enhanced with the addition of more facilities for cyclists and a policy that will continue to promote alternative forms of transport to the car.  These features build on the impressive environmental credentials achieved for the University’s most recent new building constructed on the Hendon campus – the Hatchcroft building – which was awarded ‘excellent’ BREEAM status for its environmental sustainability.

When the new Art, Design and Media building opens in 2011, local people will see some tangible benefits in their Borough and in their community.  Student spending has a huge positive impact on Barnet’s local economy.  In 2008/9 some 9,800 Hendon-based students generated an estimated £48.8 million for local businesses in the Borough.  This figure is set to increase to £55.6 million in 2011 as student numbers increase to 11,400 with the opening of the new building and the transfer of students from Cat Hill and Trent Park.  It is estimated that one local job is created for every 8.4 students in the area, supporting some 1,360 local jobs in 2011.  In addition to student spending, spending by University staff and purchases made by the University from suppliers in Barnet will also further support the local economy and create more jobs.

Middlesex University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Driscoll commented:  “Development of our Hendon campus is moving at a fast rate and construction of this new art, design and media building is the most significant move in our long-term plan to consolidate teaching and research at Hendon.  Not only will it be Middlesex’s most modern building, but it has been designed so that students will have the space they need to work, think and create.  And consolidating onto one campus in Hendon means that students from all sorts of different disciplines can meet, exchange ideas and work together in a way that they haven’t been able to before.  I can’t wait to see our students using the new building and its high-tech facilities”.

Councillor Lynne Hillan, Barnet Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Resources, said:  “Our innovative relationship with Middlesex University has really been a win-win arrangement for both parties, with the recent refurbishment of the civic section of Hendon Town Hall providing a more accessible and attractive facility in which people can engage in the local democratic process.

“The start of the university’s work on its new building behind the Town Hall is exciting for everyone involved – students and residents of the area – as I am sure that when complete it will significantly add to the appearance of the Hendon Town Hall complex and provide a fit for purpose, 21st-century educational facility”.

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