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Middlesex Professor gets major international recognition

Professor Darren Dalcher, Director of Middlesex's National Centre for Project Management, has received international recognition for his work in the field.

Professor Darren Dalcher, Director of Middlesex’s National Centre for Project Management, has received international recognition for his work in the field after being awarded a position on a prestigious industry body.

Prof Dalcher has been appointed to PMForum’s International Academic Advisory Council, which includes leading academics in Project Management from some of the world’s top universities and academic institutions. The Advisory Council showcases accomplished researchers, influential educators shaping the next generation of project managers and recognized authorities on modern project management.

Darren said: “I was quite surprised as I didn’t realise I’d been nominated, I still don’t know who nominated me.  It is a great honour to be included in such a prestigious group and I have received some wonderful messages of support and congratulation from all over the world.”

He added: “Apart from the personal honour, it is a privilege to be the only UK institution on the list. The appointment reflects the way our work is perceived in the international arena and further confirms our position at the cutting edge in the world of project management research and education”.

PMForum’s  President and Managing Editor David Pells said: “Professor Dalcher is one of the most visible and well known academic leaders in the project management field today.   As Director of the UK’s National Centre for Project Management, he is at the focal point of leading research and development related to advancing programme and project management in British industry.

“As editor of two book series for Gower Publishing related to both advanced concepts and fundamentals of project management, he is also at the forefront of the project management publishing field”.

Professor Dalcher has been with Middlesex University since January 2001.   He has become known in the academic and professional field for his innovative work with the National Centre for Project Management, part of EIS.

He said: “Formally we are part of EIS but our work spans across disciplinary boundaries to encompass most areas of human endeavour where intervention and action are required.  Project management enters into everything we do from the arts to the business world and from construction to space exploration. We are trying to expand the scope of what we mean by project management – it’s about managing change and all of the issues that go with that.”

His work also centres on breaking down the idea that project management is a subsection of different disciplines and making research more real-world based and more accessible.

“We are trying to make sure research and practice are linked”, he said.  “We start with real issues and find ways of addressing them in innovative ways.  An example is with new technologies that change our environment which forces us to question how do we respond interactively to change”.

Last year Prof Dalcher was named The Academic of the Year by Project Magazine for “integrating and weaving academic work with practice” and voted as one of the top ten most influential figures in the field by The Association of Project Management, The UK professional body. He was the only academic on the list. Last month he was the conference chair for the APM conference in London bringing together leaders and practitioners from the worlds of the arts, sport, construction, management and engineering to reflect on the need for promoting, growing and nurturing leadership.

The new appointment indicates the international recognition, esteem and respect for his work and his passion for improving the discipline of project management. Jerry Manas, consultant, writer and president of the Marengo Group in the US noted that “Darren is one of the top thinkers in project management today. I had the pleasure to work with Darren and attend his lecture in Iceland at a recent conference where we were both keynote presenters. His eye-opening presentation on decision-making was brilliant, and had many people talking about it afterwards.”

Following his appointment, Darren will be editing a new monthly series of articles in PM World Today focusing on advances in project management. The series which will be read by over 12,000 subscribers will feature leading edge research and new developments in the world of managing projects. The new role will enable him to continue to distil knowledge, integrate ideas and place them within the context of practical and usable project management for all.


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