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Middlesex University to launch new venture in India

Middlesex University will launch a new centre in India, with courses starting this October. Located in Noida, which is east of Delhi, Middlesex will provide courses in business, information technology and media, with more programmes planned for 2012.

Middlesex University will start offering courses from its new base in India, starting from this October.

The new centre in Noida, located east of Delhi, is a major hub for education, banking, technology and finance. Initially courses in business, information technology and media will be provided, with more programmes planned for 2012.
Middlesex Deputy Vice-Chancellor Terry Butland says: “Our roots are in London, but we are an international university with ambitions to ensure students around the world can study for and gain a Middlesex degree.
“As with our campuses in Dubai and Mauritius, we’ll be providing the same high standard of teaching offered in the UK, with amazing opportunities for students to study in different countries if they want to.”
Middlesex will be the first international university to offer such a wide portfolio of courses in India. Alongside quality teaching, Terry Butland explained Middlesex’s reputation for widening access to higher education will also be exported:
“We see this as a really important long term investment for Indian students as well as for our University. Middlesex has spent many years recognising potential and promoting wider access to education in the UK, and we’re very experienced in welcoming people from non-traditional academic backgrounds.
“We plan to make links with Delhi’s businesses and industry to offer scholarships and real opportunity that wasn’t there before.”
Current Indian Government legislation requires students studying with international universities to complete their course at that university’s home campus. It means Indian students can choose to to spend their final year in one of Middlesex’s campuses in London, Dubai or Mauritius.
The new campus also provides further opportunities for UK students looking for a unique experience, says Terry Butland. “Of course Noida will be appealing to students from India, but we are already seeing interest in our international campuses from the UK and Europe. Spending time in London, then a year in India or Mauritius or even both, could be a very appealing prospect for British students.
The UK cap on student numbers could even lead to British people heading abroad to benefit from lower fees and living expenses in India. We know students will expect the same high quality teaching across all our campuses and that’s what we’ll be providing.”
The development of Noida Campus is part of Middlesex’s wider commitment to provide higher education in India. There are also plans to forge exciting new partnerships with A. R. Rahman's KM Music Conservatory in Chennai and a specialist creative arts centre in Southern Delhi.
Terry Butland hopes the UK government’s recent announcement on student visas will reassure many Indian people planning to study in London: “The government has sent a clear signal that it welcomes international students who want to study with high quality British universities like Middlesex.
Our students will be able to work in well paid graduate level jobs in the UK after completing their course, and can also work part-time as they study. This means international students can continue to experience working in this country, also bringing many benefits to their employers.”

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