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Student to open new studio with prize money

A student artist and designer is to set up a studio with prize money granted by the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture for her lamp shade designs.

A student artist and designer is to set up a studio with prize money granted by the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA) for her lamp shade designs.

Soon to graduate from Middlesex University in Design, Interior & Applied Arts, student Elsa Sandy will use the studio to develop her work in a hope to commercialise her designs. Elsa won the museum’s Arthur Silver Award and £1,000 for her intricate pendant lamp shade which was inspired by wallpaper designs from the 1890s, part of the collection at MoDA.

Elsa Sandy (34), who left her job as an NVQ assessor to go to university, said: “Receiving the award reassured me that changing career direction was the right choice. The Love Lace Light shade is a sculptural addition to a room and at night generates dynamic lighting effects.

“At MoDA I studied wallpaper designs with lace like design qualities. It was an inspirational and nostalgic discovery of patterns that underline trends of the past, this combined with researching lace making at the Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury enabled me to develop an eclectic range of functional objects.”

The lamp shade was modelled in paper and created using the flexible aeroply material for durability, then manufactured using laser cutting technology.

Middlesex University Head of Art & Design Phil Healey said: “I was really impressed with Elsa's entry, in particular that she had clearly researched the collections at MoDA before going on to create an innovative lighting design using a variety of materials.”

MoDA’s Learning Officer Richard Lumb said: “We really liked the way that Elsa interpreted a design from the Silver Studio collection to create an amazing pendant light shade.  Elsa showed real enthusiasm and commitment when the researching the collections and this was clearly evident in her entry.  Taking this into account along with her innovative design, Elsa was a deserved winner of the award.”

MoDA, based at Beaufort Park in Colindale north London, holds designs used to decorate British homes over the past 100 years. It boasts collections dating back to the late 1800s including wallpaper, textiles, books, catalogues and magazines – many of which are being made available on a new website which is due to launch imminently.

The Love Lace Lamp and other products can be seen at Elsa's new website.

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