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Leading animation scholar Suzanne Buchan joins Middlesex

Leading animation and film studies scholar Suzanne Buchan has been appointed as professor of animation aesthetics at Middlesex University.

Leading animation and film studies scholar Suzanne Buchan has been appointed as professor of animation aesthetics in Middlesex University’s School of Art & Design.
Before joining Middlesex University she was a professor and director of the Animation Research Centre at the University for the Creative Arts.  Since joining Middlesex, Suzanne has also taken over as director of the Art and Design Research Institute (ADRI) at the University.
Suzanne lectures internationally and has been a guest professor at the University of British Columbia's Department of Film, Theatre and Creative Writing, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and the Technical University of Stuttgart. 
Her research investigates interdisciplinary approaches to animation as a pervasive moving image form across a range of platforms, disciplines and media.  Her research primarily covers animation that is used in fine art practice, architecture and in the sciences, rather than conventional and commercial entertainment.
Suzanne’s work has a strong curatorial aspect, which aims to promote animation as an art form. She was a founder and co-director of the Swiss Fantoche International Animation Festival between 1994-2003, has curated exhibitions and festival and cinema programmes around the world and most recently was a curatorial advisor and essay contributor for 'Watch me move: The Animation Show',  shown at the Barbican.
She is currently working on her 'Pervasive Animation' project which includes a curated exhibition for the Museum of Design Zurich in 2015.
Suzanne is the founder and editor of ‘Animation: an interdisciplinary journal’ and has also published widely.  Her books include ‘Pervasive Animation: An AFI Reader’, ‘The Quay Brothers: Into A Metaphysical Playroom’ and ‘Animated Worlds'.
Suzanne joins the animation department at Middlesex headed by internationally renowned, BAFTA award winning animation director Jonathan Hodgson.   

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