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The top smartphone apps for business owners

We're always looking for ways to help small business owners find their feet after university, and our latest guide is designed to do just that.

Our new Best Small Business Apps list covers the best smartphone apps for iPhone and Android, which help business owners manage their workload on the go - whether it's filing, managing staff or simply making calls.

The smartphone as we know it may be a social and entertainment tool, capable of running all of our social media, music and games without hassle, but the original PDA-style phones were designed to support business people in their day-to-day work. Our collection of apps should give you that control back - as well as raising a few possibilities you may not have thought of.

As an example we were impressed with KoolSpan TrustCall, an app which encrypts your phone calls throughout the day to ensure that any conversation you have with clients or suppliers remains confidential. We also found a number of management software apps which offer a whole suite of programmes, acting as a mobile hub for the administration and organisation of your business.

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